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Plant-Based Fertilizers for Veganic Gardening Mar 12, 2020 — Grain meals have long been recommended as plant-based fertilizers, but organic soybean meal or even cornmeal can be difficult to find. Organic Is It Time For A Plant-Based Agriculture? - North AmericanWhy do organic growers rely on animal-based fertilizers such as manure and slaughterhouse by-products? They are used for their fertilizer value including 
Plant-Based Fertilizers for Organic Gardens - dummiesFertilizers made from plants generally have low to moderate N-P-K (Nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium) values, but their nutrients quickly become available in the Garden Plenty - Plant-Based Fertilizers from Gardens Alive!100% Plant–based fertilizer with no animal by–products outperforms commercial fertilizers and only needs to be applied twice per growing seasonXtraGrow, LLC – 100% Premium Organic, 100% Plant BasedPremium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer. The world's ONLY all-purpose, sustainable, soil nourishment and plant food. dsc_0110. No added chemicals. No heavy Plant Based Fertilizer- Vegan - Garden Tea CoJun 10, 2019 — Plant Based Fertilizer is a water-soluble, plant derrived 100% vegan fertilizer that providies 60+ grams of readily available nitrogen per pound Edible Gardening 101: Vegan Fertilizers - Vegetarian TimesApr 13, 2012 — Kelp Extract. Kelp is an amazing plant-based fertilizer because it contains tons of micronutrients and natural growth hormones. I consider it the Plant Magic Plant Food 100% Organic Fertilizer : Plant Magic Plant Food 100% Organic Fertilizer - Easy to Use  Incredible Bulk 0.1-10-25 Certified Vegan OMRI Listed Organic Plant Food (1lb)

Iron Amino Acid Chelated Organic Fertilizer Factory

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Agricultural Nitro - Based Humic Acid Fertilizer

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K-Energy Fertilizer

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45% Alkaline Amino Acid Powder Water Soluble Fertilizer with pH8~9

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Calcium Amino Acid Chelated Organic Fertilizer Factory, 100% Water-Soluble

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Free Amino Acid 70% Organic Fertilizer Factory, 100% Water-Soluble

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